Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #08

Last time, Kamito almost beat Jio Inzagi if it wasn’t for Est exhausting her powers. This makes Jio has enough leverage to get back again and decimate everyone, but he was forced to flee thanks to Fianna activating her bloodstone!

Oh yeah, Restia is here to watch her dear Kamito beating Jio’s ass because he’s a wannabe demon lord!

Still, it won’t be possible as she’s bound by Jio. I’ll tell you that later on…

Anyways, with Ellis and Rinslet out of commission, it’s up to Kamito, Fianna, and Claire as they’re heading towards the shrine where Jörmungandr resides…

And thanks to Est, they finally found it! You should give her a reward, Kamito. Anyways, it’s time to seal Jörmungandr for good!

Unfortunately, it seems that both Fianna and Claire are playing in the pool. C’mon Claire, stop fondling Fianna’s boobies, she’s purifying herself for the sealing ceremony!

BTW, I was disappointed to find out that Fianna’s big boobies aren’t real as she’s using pads to conceal her bloodstone. Man, it’s so sad to hear that!

But enough crying over Fianna’s boobies, it’s time for a final round…

…against Jio Inzagi, the fake demon lord! Sorry, but you’ll lose this time with no hesitation!

See, it’s useless against him so give it up now, Jio!

Unfortunately, he has one final trump card as he summoned Restia, where she becomes his sword…

…and attacked Fianna before Kamito protected her. You don’t want Fianna being interrupted!

By the way, that’s what I’m talking about regarding Restia’s “contract” with Jio.

Oh yeah, and she doesn’t want to be protected any longer when she summoned her contracted spirit that was lost 4 years ago.

Although it’s temporary, but way to go for bringing your spirit back, Fianna!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget Claire too. She doesn’t want being left behind!

Well, at this point, Kamito- Or rather Team Scarlet defeated Jio Inzagi and was apprehended by the authorities. See Jio, you’re just a poser demon lord!

As for Jörmungandr, it was finally sealed. Good job, Team Scarlet!

Anyways, another arc has been ended! As for Fianna, she has decided to join the Blade Dance competition in order to fully restore her contracted spirit.

Of course, she has other plans too like becoming Kamito’s girlfriend! Hmm, it doesn’t sound right, especially when Claire is around!

With that said, it’s off to the next episode! As for the Blade Dance tournament, I hope Kamito’s harem would band together to form Team Scarlet… if that tournament happened on the final 4 episodes!

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