Glasslip Episode #10

“Touko, I like you… and so is Hiro-kun!”

Okay, seems that it’s not only Hiro-kun being a bastard all the time, but it seems that Sacchan is kind of a bitch… a sick bitch!

“Gee, I’m surprised that Sachi is a bisexual!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as Sachi is 90% focused on Touko, leaving Hiro getting the NTR treatment!

Meanwhile, Kakeru is losing his ability to see the future every minute. And while he didn’t die as Touko feared, seems that he still can’t stop smoking weed as David is talking to his clones again!

You know, Kakeru should stop smoking weed! No wonder he can’t hear the fragments of time!

Well David, there’s no other choice but to ask Sachi for help!

Oh wait, she doesn’t want to help him because of Touko. You know that she wants Touko all for herself?

If Sacchan can’t help you, why not do it by yourself… starting by kissing Touko!

BTW, this is the turning point of Glasslip as Touko’s premonitions come true. Sorry to mention this back in Episode 8 as apart from seeing snow, Touko saw herself getting kissed by Kakeru, of all people!

On the other hand, seems that this damn kiss might trigger David’s death flag… if P.A.Works planned to kill him after this!

Anyways, three episodes to go and it’s “now or never” for Glasslip!

BTW, Yuki-kun has returned but unfortunately for Yanagi, she will receive a friend-zone at the end of this series!

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  1. Tonya R. Moore says:

    Is this series worth watching? Like: it won’t make me want to throw something heavy at my tv, will it? I was iffy about it to begin with and it’s still sitting in my queue unwatched.

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