Captain Earth Episode #23

Fuck, this is so bonkers! Looks like Daichi is having a dream after last week’s episode. Then again, what if those previous episodes are just dreams?

Scratch that, seems that Kill-T Gang are messing Daichi’s mind. Bastards, they’re trolling us especially Amara and Moco!

Dammit, stop it guys and girls. Fight like real monsters head-on!

But anyways, I’m glad that this fake dream is over now that Daichi break its illusion…

…using the power of the Livlaster in which the captain destroyed the Gram Engine in one shot. That’s so amazing, Captain!

Sorry Kill-T Gang and the Ark Faction, but Captain Daichi and his Midsummer Knights are going to save Earth and go to a festival afterwards!

Well then, two episodes to go! Even though they get past through Ark Faction’s plans, the Midsummer Knights still have to deal with the Planetary Gears, plus Puck. Damn you Puck!

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