Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #09

Fianna, I hope there’s chocolate inside that pot ’cause you’re having those yandere vibes. Don’t be like Kaede from Shuffle!

Anyways, it’s Valentines Day in Areishia Spirit Academy even though there’s only one male student around the campus. I guess those chocolates are either meant for friends or lesbians (if there is one). Not only that, the Valentia Festival where they offer chocolate to the fire spirit king is the same thing as Valentines Day.

Well, at least she made one for Kamito, albeit putting it between her “fake” boobies. Seriously Fianna, I think you should ditch those tack-on silicone pads with real ones!

Sure that Fianna made a simple chocolate for Ren- I mean Kamito…

…but she can’t beat Est drizzling herself with chocolate with the sentence “Please eat me!” written on her chest!

Oh Est, this is much worse than putting chocolate between boobies. Not only that, you’re wearing just your kneesocks!

Meanwhile, Kamito is hitting- I mean teaching Ellis Fahrengart during extra lessons since she has knight duties all the time.

On the other hand, Ellis will compete in the upcoming Blade Dance tournament as her team faces off against Team Scarlet…

…as well as Velsaria Eva’s team which will be the favorites on the upcoming tournament.

Oh yeah, on the subject of Velsaria Eva, she’s Ellis’ older step-sister and also a finalist in the Blade Dance tournament 3 years ago when Velsaria was beaten by Kami- I mean Ren Ashbell.

In any case, Velsaria will be the hardest opponent to beat once she returns to Areishia Spirit Academy.

For now, it’s off to next week! By the way, Claire’s birthday will be on the same day as the Valentia Festival, but it seems that she’s expecting no one to celebrate her. Well, except for Kamito and Rinslet.

One last thing before I finish this post, it seems that bandits have infiltrated the school campus, selling cursed spirit to unsuspected students. Just hoping that it’s not Restia doing it!

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