Glasslip Episode #11

So, after that damn kiss from last week’s episode, it seems that Kakeru and Touko have decided to stay overnight at Touko’s school. Don’t expect them having sex afterwards as P.A.Works doesn’t make erotic anime!

Since Touko won’t be coming home for the time being, I guess Hina-chan will have to eat her sister’s meal all by herself. I hope you won’t get any stomach pain ’cause it’ll gonna suck!

Anyways, the ending for this anime series is fast approaching, and while Touko and Kakeru’s relationship is reaching its tipping point, some of Touko’s circle of friends haven’t reached their climax of their development.

For Yanagi and Yuki-kun, I think their relationship will remain as siblings as Yanagi is planning to leave him and study either in Tokyo, Japan or in abroad.

I guess it’s a done deal between those two characters. On the other hand, it seems that Yuki-kun is getting quite the attention to those girls standing on his left!

Oh yeah, as for Sachi and Hiro… Nah, I think it’s a done deal for them! They’ll either remain their relationship as stagnant as a stale doughnut, or Sachi giving Hiro-kun the friend-zone treatment.

Personally, the latter will work fine for both of them!

In any case, let’s end this post with David’s mother playing the piano while snowflakes falling down in the background.

By the way, they’re real this time around… Oh, and I forgot to mention that Kakeru might plan to go abroad together with his mother. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a tear-jerking sendoff for Touko!

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