Captain Earth Episode #24

After last week’s episode, the Midsummer Knights have finally broke through the Gram Engine, but it seems that they made a slight miscalculation to their destination. Damn you Kill-T Gang!

Speaking of Kill-T Gang, Baku is here to kill Daichi Manatsu since he failed to screw him back in Ep. 23!

Oh yeah, and you have to remember that he’s an underground fighting champion who can beat anyone regardless of their size, speed, or power.

On the other hand, Bugbear is too OP against the Earth Engine so it’s GG for Daichi!

Fortunately, there’s Teppei saving his captain once again by firing his Plasmagnum. Good job, Teppei-kun!

And that my friend is how you kill a Planetary Gear, which not only includes his body but his Ego Block!

Well, that’s one down, six to go…

Anyways, the Midsummer Knights presses towards Oberon and its core. And while they’ll expect Kill-T Gang to appear (with a surprise re-appearance of Baku thanks to Setsuna-sama reviving him) and stop those meddling kids…

…it seems that Puck has finally shown itself as the true final boss.

Not sure what happened to Kube’s body though, but what’s important that Puck is here to wreck things up!

Oh, and he’s capable of turning their Ego Blocks into bombs ’cause why not!

Kill-T Gang, you should stop acting like jerks and start helping those kids on defeating Puck.

And so, Daichi pulled the trigger at Puck, destroying the core in one-shot…

…while Kill-T Gang have nothing to do but to watch. Seriously Kill-T Gang, you’re so useless after Puck toyed you around!

Speaking of Puck, this asshole AI isn’t dead yet as it turned into a giant Ego Block! I guess Daichi’s Plasmagnum isn’t enough to destroy it!

Fuck you Puck, just die already…

With that said, it’s on to the final episode… Seriously Puck, just disappear! We’re not lying this time!

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