Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #24

“Oh noes, those terrorists are so scary that we have no choice but to surrender to them!”

By the way, those terrorists from the Great Asian Alliance have anti-magic bullets so if you get hit by those bullets, you lose your magic and you’ll probably die!

Of course, there are exceptions like Tatsuya who not only disintegrated those bullets with his bare hands…

…but he chopped a terrorist’s arm with his psions. Hell, even Shinkurou can’t believe it!

Sorry guys, but you can’t beat Miyuki’s “Onii-sama!”

See, he’s going to mow down everyone who is an enemy to his friends, plus Miyuki! At this point, the Great Asian Alliance are so fucked up right now.

They can’t get those experimental models from the Thesis Competition now that its data has been deleted, and they’ll probably fail this assault mission when Tatsuya’s JSDF buddies arrived as reinforcements.

Oh, and one last thing… Other than revealing to his friends that he’s part of the JSDF, Tatsuya’s true extent of his powers has been unlocked by Miyuki with a kiss. You should have kiss him in the lips and tell the world that you love your “Onii-sama!”, Miyuki!

Oh well, say goodbye to Mr. Zhou’s comrades on the next episode!

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