Glasslip Episode #12

So, about this episode… Are you expecting a tear-jerking episode where Kakeru says good-bye to Touko?

Nope, it didn’t happen ’cause this is an alternate history episode where Touko is the new kid on the block while Kakeru is an old-time resident of Hinode-hama.

Oh, and Kakeru has Touko’s circle of friends which will not have any closure on their character development. Why P.A.Works, why!?

Anyways, looks like they throw a curveball right at us with this episode which not only shows an alternate history of Hinode-hama, but it was revealed to be Touko’s vision of the future.

Really P.A.Works, you wasted your time and effort on a reboot of Episode 1 to this episode! With that said, it’s on to next week… but don’t expect any conclusion that it’s satisfying for everyone!

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