Captain Earth Episode #25

This is the final episode of Captain Earth, and unfortunately… Teppei and Daichi can’t beat Puck ’cause he’s a fuckin’ bastard!

Oh, and he hijacked Hana and the Blume too ’cause he thinks that he can wield infinite energy!

However, it backfired as Puck can’t use the Livlaster just like the Planetary Gears. So much for hijacking Hana…

Oh well, guess it’s time to destroy everything by transforming into a giant Machine Goodfellow!

As for the Planetary Gears, they’re no match against Puck even go as far as using their Ego Blocks as bombs. Guess their sacrifices are in vain…

So, it’s up to Captain Daichi to save Hana Mutou and Earth. Of course, Daichi will have to exert more effort on going inside Puck’s giant Machine Goodfellow…

Luckily, he managed to make a hole using what’s left of Earth Engine’s arsenal, although using the Stigmagnum was the most surprising of all!

Also, I like how BONES inserted the first opening theme to this final battle.

But let’s get on with the conclusion of the final battle as he pushes forward towards the core and saves Hana Mutou with a kiss. What a daring way to save a princess!

Seriously, it’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen! However, Puck still controls the Blume and he’s going to crash towards Earth ala Char’s Counterattack.

You know what, fuck you Puck! You should be defeated by the power of love!

And there goes Puck as he goes down with a bang and he’s going to take Daichi and Hana with him. For some reason, I’m calling Puck as a “he” on this final episode as I refer Puck as an “it” back in Ep. 24.

Oh well, I guess Puck was meant to be a male psycho-maniac AI to begin with as well as a monkey who craves for sex!

With that said, Earth is saved now that Puck and his giant Machine Goodfellow are destroyed. Unfortunately for Daichi and Hana, I think they didn’t survived…

Scratch that, they did survive unlike in Aldnoah.Zero! Nice touch there holding Hana in your arms, Capt. Daichi Manatsu!

Well, that was a happy ending from Captain Earth. Sure that the Earth is saved and most of them are alive, but there’s still questions that left unanswered.

Other than seeing Teppei and Akari alive, I wonder what happened to Masaki Kube’s body as well as Puck’s original mainframe?

Sure that it’s a surprise that Puck appeared out of nowhere at Oberon, but the fact that he didn’t think of using Kube as his backup escape hatch was so dumb!

And there’s Kill-T Gang as most of them are alive and well. Heck, even Setsuna got his pet squirrel Lappa back!

Unfortunately, what the hell happened to Amara? BONES should at least see him alive instead of “going out for a walk” after fighting against Puck and using his Ego Block as an explosive!

Personally, I think they should make an epilogue OVA as I wanna see Daichi and company going to a local summer festival, as well as explaining some bits and pieces of information…

…like how those Livlasters exist in the first place and why they’re considered a threat to Puck’s plans.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen this girl from the very first episode. But to think that she’s Pitz all along was a surprise!

With that said, let’s end this post with a kiss from Daichi to Hana! And now, let’s move on to better things like Chaika, Log Horizon, and Gundam!

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