Hanayamata Episode #12

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the finale of Hanayamata and the Hanairo festival is fast approaching! I guess Hana won’t be coming back to dance once more…

Oh well, let’s give her dad the CD where they sang the opening theme. Hana-chan will live on within their hearts!

So let’s get on to the festival as the Yuihama Middle School Yosakoi Club started their performance. Still, it’s kinda sad that only four of them are dancing at the stage…

…until this miracle happened where Hana-chan goes back to Japan in order to finish what she started. Dammit, it finally happened!

Oh, and what a good timing this is! Good job for coming back, Hana-chan!

With that said, all 5 members are present and they’re having a good time at the festival!

Heck, even Sally-sensei and Umibouzu are happy to see them dancing at the stage. Oh yeah, give thanks to them for making this miracle happened!

Oh yeah, apart from having Naru and Tami’s respective parents seeing their performance, plus Yaya’s bandmates, it seems that not only Hana’s father seeing his daughter dazzling in the stage…

…but also Hana’s mother. I guess she finally realized her daughter’s wishes!

Anyways, it’s the end for Hanayamata and man, Madhouse pulled all the stops in making this Manga Time Kirara into a magnificent experience!

Despite how great this series is, I don’t think it’ll have another season despite the Yosakoi Club planning to perform at their school festival. An OVA tackling that would be nice, but for Season 2… That’s less likely to happen anytime soon.

And now, I leave you with the girls finishing their performance at the Hanairo Festival! Good job girls, you deserve a round of applause!

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