Glasslip Episode #13

Please enjoy Mrs. Okikura’s piano performance on the finale of Glasslip. Take your time to enjoy the sounds and sights on this P.A.Works anime series…

…because its plot mediocrity is reaching its tipping point when Touko collapsed! BTW, that snow from Ep. 11? That snow is a lie!

On the other hand, I think this show’s mediocrity has reached its point already as Touko’s circle of friends didn’t reach its climax of their character deployment, let alone giving it good resolution.

For Yukinari and Yanagi, the latter decided to call it quits on romantically pursuing the former, thus they’ll remain as step-siblings.

As for Sachi and Hiro, they’ll just stick with the status quo and remain as friends. What a pathetic resolution!

And finally, there’s Touko and “David” in which the latter admits that he’s hurting the former. Thus, Kakeru joins his mother on going abroad right after he and Touko throw glass beads into the sky!

Oh, and don’t expect him to return as Kakeru will just stalk Touko with his voice.

Anyways, it’s over for Glasslip! Despite the beautiful visuals and soundtrack, everything else is a piece of shit! This is the worst P.A.Works anime series that I’ve ever watched!

Now that it’s done and dusted, let’s go to something fresh in Fall 2014…

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