Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #26

Final episode, guys and girls! At this point, there’s no need to explain the battle in full detail as the Japanese Self-Defense Forces pushed those terrorists from the Great Asian Alliance back!

Well, there are exceptions though as I explain the fate of those invaders. By the way, Tatsuya’s regenerative powers can be applied to his comrades at the cost of him taking more damage when he’s reconstructing their bodies.

Damn, Tatsuya is beyond GODLIKE! Somebody Imagine Breaker him!

First things off, Zhou Gongjin got away scot-free as if he’s not responsible for sending his GAA comrades to Yokohama.

Yeah Zhou Gongjin, you sure fooled Masaki with your “I’m not your enemy!” tactics. He’ll return in Season 2 if that would happen.

For Lu Gonghu, he returned to avenge his loss to those meddlin’ kids at First High School. Yeah, he even stopped Erika Chiba’s attacks with his tiger palm!

Unfortunately, he got beaten and strangled by those same meddlin’ kids…

…specifically former student council president Mayumi Saegusa. I have to say, she’s the best girl over that “Onii-sama!” nut Miyuki!

Speaking of Miyuki, she froze an intruder named Chen Xiangshan inside the Magic Association building.

Sure that he can cloak himself and sneak inside the building without a trace, but Chen’s cloaking magic got nothing when Miyuki has both Mizuki Shibata and Mikihiko Yoshida detecting his presence.

Sorry Chen Xiangshan, but you should let it go on your mission and surrender instead of being frozen over!

And lastly, there’s Tatsuya Shiba, also known as either Mahesvara or Ryuuya Oguro.

In one final act, Tatsuya just unleashed a Material Burst…

…outside of their waters, destroying one-third of GAA’s naval fleet as if they’re hit by a nuclear bomb!

Realistically, it’s a violation according to their constitution as well as international laws (or so I think). But given that Mahouka has right-wing aspects, it’s no big deal as Japan can attack enemies outside of their waters all in the name of national security.

Sorry Great Asian Alliance, but never mess with Miyuki’s “Onii-sama!” and his godlike powers.

And with that, Japan is safe once again thanks to Tatsuya and his friends, plus the Japan Self-Defense Forces and their Yamato Spirit!

Of course, not all of them are happy regarding Tatsuya’s actions. In fact, Maya Yotsuba wants to reprimand him for unleashing hell even though he was ordered to defend Japan from invaders.

I have a bad feeling that she’ll punished Tatsuya badly at the start of Season 2 if that would happen…

But in any case, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is finally over. Apart from having a good soundtrack and visuals, not to mention having good side characters like Mayumi Saegusa and Erika Chiba, everything else feels so boring.

Mahouka’s flaws lies within the main protagonists. Sure that Tatsuya is badass, but he’s a boring male protagonist that’ll curb-stomp everything including Masaki Ichijo without any satisfaction. Also, Miyuki is such an annoying sister who admires her “Onii-sama!” so much that it’s oozing with incest subtext. Ugh!

Other than the protagonists, I have some other complaints such as having a lame organization like No-Head Dragons during the Nine School Competition arc, so much techno-babble that it’s not explained in layman’s terms, and lastly having no serious conflict that puts both sides at the edge. There are a few exceptions though like the duel between Tatsuya and Masaki, as well as the political drama within the Yotsuba clan which will not explored further until Season 2.

With that said, while I enjoyed some parts of this anime series, Mahouka is so over-hyped that it feels so bland in comparison to No Game No Life, which is far more better than this series. Then again, both shows will have another season in the future while Magical Warfare won’t have one.

Anyways, I’m done with Mahouka! Time to move on to something fresh for next month! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Nino Magatama is safe. But then again, they don’t bother showing it what happened after cooping up at Four Leaves Technology.

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    This makes me glad that I didn’t continue. I think I only watched two episodes before dropping this.

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