Buddy Complex Episode #14

Hello everyone, it’s time to end Buddy Complex with two extra episode, starting with this one where Hina finally reunited with Aoba. But will it last forever? We’ll see about that!

Meanwhile, Dr. Hahn was shocked that Bizon returned…

…as the new fuhrer of the Zogilian Empire. Despite being the leader, Bizon is still Dr. Hahn’s pawn as he’s only interested in Hina as well as “FOR SCIENCE!”

But anyways, the two special episode pits the Alliance and the Empire to a final battle in space. C’mon, space battles are better than on Earth!

For the final battle, the Alliance will have to destroy a NECTAR Satellite Cannon called Gorgon, which Zogilia will use it to destroy a city with a single shot.

Of course, they’ll have to get past Alfried Gallant’s forces as he was ordered to guard it until the cannon’s construction is finished.

So yes, this final mission won’t be a cakewalk as the Zogilian Empire will defend it at all cost…

…until Dr. Hahn fired the cannon in which both sides (plus the Alaska Base) are decimated by its sheer power of the Gorgon cannon. The Cygnus crew survived, but I’m not sure if Alfried Gallant and his remaining units dodge it though.

As for Dr. Hahn, he doesn’t care if he’s hitting an ally or the enemy as long as he’s doing it for science! Gee, I wonder if he’s going to escape in the second special episode?

Speaking of that, seems that Dr. Hahn made a special Valiance for Bizon. Oh yeah, and Bizon doesn’t need a Coupling system… He destroys it!

Well then, it’s on to the “definite” final episode tomorrow. Afterwards, I’ll be watching Cross Ange ’cause Nana Mizuki is in it! Come to think of it, I have a bad feeling that Cross Ange will have those Valvrave vibes again…

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