Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #12

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the finale of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. Fortunately, it seem that TNK decided to start this episode with a “real” Blade Dance battle…

…against Team Velsaria, no less! However, should it be a 5-on-5 team battle instead of 1-on-4?

Oh right, I forgot that Kamito has to sit on this battle because of his injury. But having just Velsaria fighting against four people is ridiculous!

Sure that Velsaria can take them all out with her super robot-esque Elemental Waffe Dreadnought ’cause she’s powerful and all that!

But unfortunately, Velsaria’s pride got the better at her as Team Scarlet (with Claire and Rinslet tag-teaming) played their part on defeating her. She should have bring her entire team to bring total domination to Team Scarlet.

Of course, she doesn’t need to as Velsaria’s cursed seal kicks in and gone berserk!

See, Velsaria is fine without her teammates. On the other hand, Velsaria doesn’t care whether she’s hitting her friend or foe!

Hell, even her little sister too! Say it ain’t so for Ellis…

Luckily, Kamito and Est save her in the nick of time despite his injury. Good job being a gallant knight!

Of course, Kamito is very weak thanks to his wound. At this point, one misstep could cost his life!

Fortunately, Fianna is there to muster all of her energy to heal Kamito’s wounds. Thank goodness!

With that said, it’s all over for Velsaria as Team Scarlet beat her thanks to teamwork.

Oh yeah, and before you go down Velsaria, let me tell you that Kamito is none other than Ren Ashbell. But don’t tell anyone about his secret identity, okay!

Now that Velsaria is defeated (although it seems that she forgot about her teammates), it’s time to stop Vivian Melosa.

Yeah, that scum needs to be defeated. Unfortunately, she’ll just escape like an asshole!

Then again, there’s no need to chase Vivian away as Headmaster Greyworth Ciel Mais will take care of it. Karma Houdini, my ass!

At this point, Vivian is already been killed by the Dusk Witch herself… And there’s much rejoicing!

Speaking of rejoice, Team Scarlet is having a victory party! And look what we have here. It’s Ellis wearing a wedding gown.

Congratulations to you Sylphid Knights for tricking her into wearing it!

Of course, Kamito’s harem teammates are so jealous that they shove chocolate cakes to his face. Oh, don’t forget to eat Est’s portion too!

With that said, that’s the end of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. While I like how TNK adapted three volumes from the novel pretty well, but it seems that the presentation is slightly above-average that it bores me to heck.

Sure that I’m disappointed that it’s not uncensored like any recent TNK anime series, but I don’t like the pacing as it needs to speed up a little bit, but no the blazing fast one that Magical Warfare had. Also, the characters are a hit-or-miss during the course of this series. Some are good like Est, Fianna, and Ellis. While some are annoying like Claire, who spends most of her time doing her tsundere antics without reason. Oh yeah, she’s a Louise-expy so there’s nothing can do about it.

With that said, it’s over. However, its chances of having another season is slim…

…so we won’t see Team Scarlet fighting other teams for a long time. Oh yeah, and we won’t see Restia and her true motives too!

Anyways, see ya!

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