Buddy Complex Episode #15


He’s so scorned and senile that he wants Aoba deader than dead! Oh snap, Aoba is doomed!

Luckily, there’s Dio saving him ’cause they’re buddies… remember? Oh yeah, and Alfried Gallant and his remaining squad are all right!

Anyway, this is the definite ending of Buddy Complex! And as you can see, Dr. Hahn made a Valiancer for Bizon in which it negates Coupling. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to its usage unless Bizon wants another for which Dr. Hahn agrees without remorse.

Dr. Hahn doesn’t need conscience, he’s doing it for more science!

So, what would Aoba do? Well, why not connect yourself with a Valiancer. What a genius idea, Prof. Elvira!

Yup, that would counter the jamming from Bizon’s Valiancer. Oh, and add a couple of slashes here and there for good measure!

But wait, there’s more as Prof. Elvira come up another idea. The idea of three-way coupling via Hina and Dio’s Valiancer, which would not only stop jamming…

…but frying Bizon’s brain up with images of Hina’s memories as well as Aoba and Dio’s. So much salt you got there, Bizon!

Now, regarding Hina and Aoba during three-way Coupling. It was revealed that their origins goes back way before Valiancers and Coupling systems were introduced as Hina met Aoba during their college days. And that was before the time loop happened.

I’m glad that Sunrise have the time inserting this important flashback on this definite final episode. But then again, Buddy Complex didn’t have another 13 episodes due to not being hyped as Valvrave at that time. Hence, no dedicated flashback episode.

No matter, let’s end Bizon’s misery as he’s beyond help at this point. He should have at least a change of heart afterwards…

But no, Bizon still acts defiant to the end that he wants to blow off the entire Earth with his NECTAR Satellite Cannon! What a fuckin’ idiot!

Oh well, let’s end this war by stopping the Gorgon cannon from firing. And the only way to do that is to travel back and forth between past and future at a fast rate, turning back the clock to where the Gorgon cannon is about to fire its shot.

After reversing the flow of time, they proceed to destroy the cannon into many deep cuts as much as possible!

While we’re at it, I forgot to mention that Dr. Hahn is inside the Gorgon, desperate to get out alive.

But you know what, he deserves to die for brainwashing Hina (which was saved by Aoba) and screwing up Bizon to the point of total insanity!

There’s no need to pity this son of a bitch…

And hell, there’s much rejoicing when he died. Good riddance to you, Dr. Hahn!

With that said, the war between the Liberty Alliance and the Zogilian Empire are over. Both sides agreed to a cease-fire and most of the characters, including Alfried Gallant and Elvira Hill, got happier endings.

Oh yeah, and as for Aoba and Hina, it’s time for them to return to their original timeline. Sorry Dio, but you have to say farewell to these two.

Good thing they enjoyed their time in the future, albeit for a short duration! As for Hina Yumihara, she doesn’t need to suffer countless time loops ever again…

As she’s finally reunited with Aoba Watase in the original timeline. Phew, what a great ending that’s more better than Episode 13!

So there you have it, a satisfying ending for Buddy Complex despite clocking this series at 15 episodes. While Buddy Complex is better than Valvrave because of its conclusion, it’s going to be a tough selection on whether this or Nobunaga the Fool is the best mecha anime series aired in January.

Anyways, glad that it’s over! Now it’s time to wait for the first episode of Cross Ange…

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