Kill La Kill Episode #25

It’s been a year since this anime aired back in October 3, 2013! And while Studio Trigger is busy doing adaptations like Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de and Ninja Slayer (plus Little Witch Academia), Kill La Kill is their only breakthrough anime series which still revered as one of the best!

Oh yeah, while we’re at it, let’s give this show a dignified send-off with an OVA episode!

This episode takes place right after the final battle between Ryuko Matoi and Ragyo Kiryuin. Now that Ragyo is gone and all of the Life Fibers have been destroyed, it’s time for Ryuko and her fellow students to leave Honnouji Academy via a graduation ceremony.

After all, it’s time to move on to greener pastures instead of sticking with the past! On the other hand, the fact that they have spare clothes after being naked is beyond me!

Unfortunately, not all of them wanted to graduation as Satsuki and her Elite Four returned to bring terror once again.

C’mon, Ragyo is dead! You don’t need to act like a fascist leader, Satsuki!

By the way, it was revealed that they’re not actually doing it, but rather their past selves that are recreated by Life Fibers…

…and damn, they’re freaking creepy, yet pissed at the same time!

At this point, they have no other choice but to fight their shadows using Aikuro-sensei’s special DTR suits, which they don’t like wearing it in the first place.

On the other hand, they’ll fight traditionally using their anti-Life Fiber blades called Tailor’s Daggers. Yeah, better than being embarrassed when wearing a DTR suit!

As for the DTRs, Inumata will just program them so he can control it remotely. Sorry Aikuro-sensei, but Inumata’s idea is better!

Now that the fake Elite Four has been taken care of, what about Satsuki as her shadow is fighting against Ryuko?

Well, it turns out that she was being held as a hostage (plus Mako-chan) by none other than Rei Hououmaru, who was supposed to be absorbed by Ragyo and yet she lived unexpectedly enough.

Sure that Hououmaru’s here to carry out Ragyo’s mission, but the reason for doing it is because Ragyo saved her when she was a child back in Africa.

Of course, Ragyo was finding samples back then, but Rei Hououmaru sees Ragyo as her savior so she owed her life to Ragyo’s cause.

With that said, Rei Hououmaru is going to avenge her master by turning Honnouji Academy into a mecha, killing everyone in its path. At this point, everyone is doomed!

Until something appeared dropping down like a meteor. I wonder if that’s Senketsu over there?

Nope, it’s actually Ryuko’s Scissor Blades crashing down, wield it once more, and get back up to the top like a badass!

Oh yeah, forget what I’ve said about Senketsu not appearing as he’s here… in spirit!

You know, Ryuko seeing Senketsu once again and making one hell of a farewell to each other was the most touching moment on this special episode.

And speaking of farewells, Ryuko turned her bladed into a giant scissor that cut Honnouji Academy in half (complete with a giant silhouette of Ryuko in her Kamui Senketsu)!

Yup, that’s what I called a graduation party! And with that, Rei Hououmaru’s threat is over.

Of course, there is room for change as Satsuki convinces Hououmaru to graduate from her past and move on to the future like mutual understanding and co-existence.

Well, at least she gladly accepted it. There’s no need to get shackled by Ragyo’s dreams forever, Hououmaru!

Of course, Hououmaru is free to kill Satsuki at any time if she doesn’t like how it plays out. Then again, it’s unlikely to happen!

Anyways, that would be it for Kill La Kill as this episode got a fitting conclusion to this wonderful series.

I don’t know if anyone was killed during that Honnouji Academy mecha rampage, but the good news is that most of the students are safe, including Ryuko, Mako-chan and her family. Thank goodness!

Oh yeah, and Satsuki cutting her long hair is icing on the cake. While it’s up to you on whether you like her hair being kept long or not, I like how it symbolizes her graduation from her past.

With that said, it’s a great way to end for Kill La Kill! God bless Studio Trigger for making more exciting anime in the future…

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