Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #01

Today is the start of Cross Ange, and as you can see… It’s a mecha anime that hunts dragons!

Yes, dragons! While Nana Mizuki is taking the lead role on this mecha anime series, I’m very, very cautious on Cross Ange as I have a feeling that it may turn another trainwreck like Valvrave.

Even though that show is enjoyable, it’s somewhat lacking!

So, apart from this series having an all-star cast of famous female voice actresses (including a certain Megumi Hayashibara), the story is a beginning of a tragedy as Angelise transforms from an uptight princess…

…into a fallen royal figure. Oh yeah, her mother died on the first episode. Damn, I’m going to miss Hayashibara’s voice!

Oh, and it gets worse… Really gets worse! Argh, I don’t know if this is a turn-on or not, but this is very disturbing from Sunrise. Hell, it might even surpass that infamous rape scene from Valvrave Ep. 10!

Anyways, enjoy this tragedy ’cause this is the beginning for Ange! Ugh, I need some bleach for my eyes and my brain…

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2 Responses to Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #01

  1. mochirochi says:

    I’m not a big fan of mechs, but you seem to like it. In terms of plot, how was it?

    • benigmatica says:

      The plot is all about a fallen princess taking vengeance because everyone took everything away from her. Of course, the plot is barely existent when Cross Ange is about exploiting the female cast from humiliation to freakin’ rape.

      Besides, other than exploitation, what truly sells Cross Ange is gathering famous female voice actresses, from Nana Mizuki to Eri Kitamura.

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