Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #01

With Log Horizon now being handled by Studio DEEN, it’s time for Satelight to do another light novel adaptation.

This time, it’s from Media Factory where its story takes place in a turbulent Western Europe, which a war maiden named Eleonora Viltaria captured an archer named Tigrevurmud Vorn instead of killing him in battle.

My first impression for this series is that it’s a mixed bag. While I like some characters such as Tigre who is competent as an archer and as a protagonist despite being a prisoner of war, the first episode doesn’t explain what’s going on and it feels so rushed.

Oh yeah, and as for Eleonora Viltaria, she reminds me of the Demon Queen from Maoyuu except that she’s good at fighting as well as leading her troops, apart from showing fanservice!

Still, I’m very cautious on this series as I don’t want to experience disappointment like in Magical Warfare. Anyways, I’m hoping that it gets better next episode!

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  1. Rocco B says:

    Magical Warfare was just…urgh. Still writing on that anime, and that’s just reviewing the first episode!. Madan actually good, imo. It kind of explains the situation, but does it in a rushed way. We know that Tigre and his nation went to war against Ellen (outnumbering them 25,000 to 5,000). All we know is that their prince is killed in battle and there is a up rising in Tigre’ home land.

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