Sword Art Online II Episode #14

Well, it’s now or never on this climatic episode. Unfortunately, Kyouji got the upperhand…

…and he injected Kirito with that poisonous drug. Oh noes!

Good thing Shino-chan knocked that Sugou wannabe with a boom box. Hurray for fighting back against your scumbag childhood friend!

Of course, I’m worried about Kiri- I mean Kazuto. Is he going to die?

Surprisingly, he’s not as Kazuto cheated death thanks to an electrode. Phew, what a lucky bastard he is!

And so, Kyouji got arrested and he told to the police that he has two accomplices, one of which was his brother Shouichi which was apprehended later and the other one is on the run. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Shouichi is none other than Zaza from Laughing Coffin.

Unfortunately, the only information that Shouichi has is that he’s a SAO survivor and he’s the the mastermind behind the whole Death Gun murder case, so his background wasn’t explored like the rest just like Akihiko Kayaba and Nobuyuki Sugou. Well, most of the villains of this series were just flat-out evil who wants to kill/rape someone while growing their god complex (except for Dr. Kayaba).

With that said, this case is over…

As for Shino, her road to recovery after the Death Gun case has begun. Slowly but surely, she’s trying to get a hold of herself to reality, as well as moving forward…

…starting by introducing a certain Asuna and Lisbeth. Yeah, they pretty much mad at Kirito because he got fragged and hugged by Sinon at the same time!

Also Kirito, why don’t you tell Sinon that Asuna is your girlfriend while Lisbeth (or Rika Shinozaki) is your mistress. Oh wait, that won’t work!

One last thing before I close this arc, seems that Asuna and Lizbeth invited two people that are important for Shino-chan.

This is Sachie Oosawa and her daughter Mizue, and she (while being pregnant with Mizue at that time) was present during that event where Shino shot a robber to the head.

Of course, Mrs. Oosawa was scared at reaching out Shino-chan at first. But eventually, Mrs. Oosawa mustered up her courage and apologize to Shino, while thanking her for saving her and Mizue’s lives.

Oh look, isn’t it cute how Mizue giving Shino-neechan a drawing! On the other hand, I feel kinda teary-eyed looking at it… *cries*

Anyways, the Phantom Bullet arc is over. God, it’s finally finished! Next week will have a recap episode and I’ll not gonna blog that obviously. Also, I’ll be dropping Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete as I found out that not only the animation sucks, but it’s CENSORED! You disappoint me, feel.

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