Log Horizon 2 Episode #02

So, with Akihabara having troubles of either being invaded by Plant Hwyaden or going default, there’s only one solution to their problem… Why get some members for a full-scale raid!

With that said, Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Regan went to Susukino. Of course, that city is filled with thugs like Demikas and the Brigandia guild so the negotiation will most likely fail.

However, upon entering Susukino, not a single Brigandia guild member greet them…

That’s because Susukino is now owned by the Silver Sword guild led by William Massachusetts.

For those who watched the first season, William and his guild are supposed to become part of the Round Table Conference.

However, they declined to join the conference out of pride and instead went to Susukino and kicked Demikas and Brigandia out!

Even though Susukino went from being a shithole filled with thugs into a decent place to live, most of the guild members of Silver Sword have decided to retire because they’re scared of dying and losing their memories. Yeah, kinda sucks that they can’t do raids anymore!

Speaking of Demikas, he’s back and he’s still pissed at Shiroe for his loss!

Meanwhile, Regan and Naotsugu found a girl stuck in a pile of snow with her ass sticking out!

Normally, Akatsuki would kick Naotsugu when he thinks something dirty. But given that she’s not with them, I guess Naotsugu is safe and he can do whatever he wants!

Scratch that, Akatsuki is everywhere that she curses Naotsugu when he thinks something perverted. Sorry Naotsugu, you can’t escape from Akatsuki’s clutches!

As for Regan, he’s safe… Not like he’s interested to begin with!

Anyways, this is Tetra and she’s a Lvl. 92 Human Cleric. Also, she and Demikas will be part of William’s raid team.

However, I’m worried that having a hot-headed Monk, let alone a former Susukino boss, would jeopardize the party…

Oh yeah, and I’m worried about Tetra too as she hasn’t shown her full power yet, not to mention doting Naotsugu all the time!

But that’s it for this episode. Next week, I hope they come back alive as well as taking the reward. As for Demikas, I hope that he should just stop being a douchebag or he’ll get hurt real much!

One last thing before I end this post, here’s Akatsuki being sad that she’s not with Lord Shiroe. Oh yeah, and Akatsuki was ordered to guard Princess Raynesia from Plant Hwyaden spies, so it’s sucks for this little assasin!

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