Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #14

Today’s episode marks the return of Akira Aoi. However, she becomes Iona, or rather Ulith’s bitch for some odd reason.

Of course I’m sure that Ulith will just dump Aki-lovely after getting her wish, but seeing Ulith licking Aki’s scar is so disgusting and downright fuckin’ creepy! Still, it’s nothing compared to Cross Ange’s rape scene.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Akira is back as a Selector with a new LRIG that fits her cheerful, if not bitchy attitude.

While we’re at it, Aki-lovely almost won her battle against Ruko if it wasn’t for the police officer interrupting their duel.

But you know what, Iona shouldn’t have become Ruko’s LRIG ’cause it’s no fun battling compared to Tama!

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode as this series intensifies. Oh yeah, I forgot that this second half needs more screen-time for Chiyori!

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