Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #02

On this episode, Angelise has joined the army ’cause she’s a Norma and a fallen royal figure!

Then again, Ange can’t accept it and she wants to go back to the empire after being anal raped at the end of Episode 1.

So, in order to get scared straight and face reality, more rape for Ange. This time, it’s coming from Captain Zola who decides to make Ange her personal bitch after having a good time with Hilda!

Personally, I think Ange should just accept it that she’s a Norma and her life as a princess was a lie. Oh yeah, while we’re at it, Ange’s asshole brother Julio is molesting Sylvia off-screen as we speak.

As for this scene, there’s black censor bars covering Ange’s boobies. But then again, Sunrise won’t even bother removing them in Bluray releases.

Moving on to Ange’s first sortie as she’s supposed to eliminate DRAGONs, but decided to go AWOL to Misurugi Empire together with Coco. Good idea there, Ange!

Except that it’s not a good idea in the first place when you have DRAGONs waiting to kill you at any moment!

You are such an idiot Ange, and not it’s all your fault for letting Coco die! *facepalm*

Oh my god, I feel that next episode will get worse… Really worse!

In other news, next week’s episode of Sword Art Online 2 will debut its next arc “Calibur”, followed by “Mother’s Rosario” in November. Can’t wait for it!

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