Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #02

On this episode, it’s time for some action on this series after last week’s introduction to Madan no Ou to Vanadis.

This time, Tigre asked Eleonora to save his hometown Alsace…

…from this douchebag named Zion Thenardier. Apart from having 3,000 troops marching towards Alsace, Zion Thenardier has two dragons to play with!

Back at Alsace, everyone have fled towards to mountains or in temples if they don’t have the strength to do hiking.

All of villagers are safe for now… except for Tigre’s maid Titta where she’s waiting for her master’s return. Um, you should have fled along with the villagers ’cause you’ll get hurt if you don’t!

Oh yeah, and you’ll get raped by this scumbag Zion if don’t act quick. Unfortunately, Titta insisted in staying at the Vorn mansion and she’s about to get raped! Oh please someone save her!

Good thing Tigre arrived just in time to save Titta…

…by shooting his bow and arrow at Zion in the hand. He should have shot that bastard in the head!

Regardless, Tigre saved his maid from becoming Zion’s sex slave!

Oh yeah, as a reward for Tigre’s heroic act, Titta gave him the black bow where it was passed down by the Vorn family for generations. A big upgrade from his worn-out bow from the first episode.

And with that, it’s the end of the second episode. I like how Tigre becomes a badass archer on this occasion. However, with Thenardier having 3,000 troops still standing including Zion and his two dragons, it’s going to be one ugly battle.

I’m hoping that bastard prince of Thenardier will be killed in a humiliating manner while Eleonora Viltaria should step it up for next week’s episode!

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