Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #15

Look what we have here, it’s Mayu! Of course, she’s still a mystery on why Mayu created Selectors in the first place, not to mention having a vague relationship with Tama!

Could it be that Tama is Mayu’s sister, or she’s just lying? Who knows…

Meanwhile, Ruko met Hanayo, or should I say Yuzuki-chan after trading places back in Episode 8. But anyways, Hanayo tells Ru-chan to continue battling, despite the fact that Ruko is getting depressed recently.

By the way, it seem that it reminds me of Mari Okada’s other show Black☆Rock Shooter with this scene, especially when they decided to “hurt together so you won’t feel lonely” and the like.

Of course, Iona doesn’t want that as she wants Ruko to become a merciless battler! What the hell, Iona?

In any case, let’s end this post as Ulith challenges Chiyori, and I have to say that this battle won’t end well for Chiyori!

Oh, and to add more misery, it seems that Ulith has Tama-chan as her LRIG. Guess that there’s no EXCITING BATTORU for next week’s episode!

With that said, I have to say that “being a Selector is suffering” for Ruko…

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