Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #15

This post is brought you by Frederica! Glad to see her back, but she’s always there…

Also, Frederica is a big eater as she’s a dragoon who needs more nourishment!

Anyways, let’s get down to business as Chaika Trabant’s party hunts down one of the eight heroes, starting with Clay Morgan.

Unfortunately, he was easily defeated as Clay Morgan is so scared at seeing anything related to Emperor Gaz.

You know what, it would be better if he give one of Gaz’s remains (which is a pair of ears) peacefully instead of struggling against the likes of Tooru and Akari. Oh well, moving on to the next one…

However, it seems that they won’t go straight to Stephan Hartgen as he’s chilling out together with his two daughters, Arina and Irina.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Hartgen’s twin daughters are most likely Chaika clones.

Should Chaika Trabant, Tohru, and Akari Acura proceed to take Gaz’s remains from Hartgen’s clutches, they must face one of his personal guards, Shin Acura.

By the way, he’s the guy who appeared back in Episode 9 during one of Tohru’s flashback scenes, and he’s not gonna give both Tohru and Akari a big hug when they meet in the future.

Oh, and I’m gonna add this familiar face as Alberic Gillette made a surprising return, now acting as one of Stephen Hartgen’s personnel.

Come to think of it, I’m sure Mr. Hartgen met those two Guys carrying Gillette-sama somewhere. After all, he has two Chaika clones at his side!

For now, Tohru and Akari are focused of finding Chaika Trabant as she’s off to Gaz’s island ’cause she wants to know answers.

Honestly, even though she has Frederica, Chaika Trabant is kinda stubborn and sometimes an idiot to boot as she’s vulnerable to anything without her saboteur bodyguards.

Speaking of Chaika, looks like Chaika Bohdan’s group are tailing her towards that mysterious island. But you know what, it would be nice if they should lay down their arms and cooperate instead of fighting over the remains.

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