Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #16

Hey everyone, Tama has returned! Unfortunately, she’s not enjoying the BATTORU ’cause Ulith is her Selector…

…and GG to Chiyori and Eldora. I guess Chiyori is one loss away from getting her wish tainted, not to mention losing her optimism.

While I’m worried about Chiyori, I’m interested on one of her WIXOSS novels in which she acts like a main character from the novel.

Then again, said novels won’t give them significant information as it’s mostly a glamorization of the whole setting of WIXOSS. In short, they’re out of luck!

And so, Ruko and her friends have decided to pay a visit to the author of the WIXOSS novels, Fumio Futase.

It’s a good idea, but I doubt that he’ll give any information regarding to both Mayu and the White Garden, let alone having the sanity to reveal it as Fumio always type “White Room. Large Window. Mayu.” at his desktop everyday.

Meanwhile, Iona is pissed that Ruko’s friends are distracting her as she wants Ru-chan to become a strong and merciless Selector. Then again, why bother turning Ruko into the strongest Selector when she’s depressed and confused after seeing Tama-chan being handled by Ulith.

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