Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #04

Oh Titta, this is not what it looks like- Oh screw it, tell Eleonora not to put a sword onto your master’s mouth!

Also, blame Limlisha for starting it!

Anyways, this episode introduces another war maiden in the form of Ludmilla Lourie. Unfortunately, she’s considered a threat to both Tigre and Eleonora as Mila is associated with the Duke of Thenardier, even though she hated the duke.

On the other hand, Ludmilla hated Eleonora as she was mocked for being short and not well-endowed like the rest of the war maidens. Still, I feel that Mila will eventually join Tigre at some point.

Speaking of Tigre, seems that he’s sucking up Lim’s titties just for fun! Scratch that, Tigre is sucking out the poison from Lim’s body as they were attacked by assassins sent out by the Duke of Thenardier.

You know what, I think Satelight should air this show uncensored in the first place!

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