Sword Art Online II Episode #16

Today is the continuation of the Caliber arc. As Kirito and his harem (plus Klein) stormed into Thrym’s castle, they’re worried about the time limit as wasting precious seconds would turn Alfheim Online into a frozen wasteland.

But then again, who needs time limit as they can beat Thyrm and save ALO faster, thus ending Caliber arc with this episode. Unfortunately, they didn’t finish the quest today!

Sure that they can beat this monster in mere seconds…

…especially when Kirito exploit the system, thus enabling his dual-wielding skills to destroy this minotaur quickly and move onto the next level.

However, they struggled a bit when beating this monster, which it’s good thing as it poses a challenge to Kirito and his party. Unfortunately, they still wasted their time on finishing Urd’s quest.

Moving on, they encountered a goddess named Freya who is obviously imprisoned by Thyrm and she wants to be saved. However, they’re skeptical on whether it’s a trap or not.

Well, except for Klein. I guess he’s awestruck by Freya’s beauty!

Logically, they could just skip it and go straight ahead to Thrym’s throne room and defeat the king.

However, it seems that Klein doesn’t want Freya being left behind. And so, regardless of posing a threat to the party, he saves Freya!

Really Klein, you sure wanted to show how much manly you really are! Not all of them are impressed though…

And now, they reached the boss room in which the king of the giants Thrym resides. While he’s freaking creepy as he wants Freya to be his wife just like a certain fairy king from the second arc…

But unlike Oberon, Thrym is no frickin’ pushover as he’s obviously large and intimidating, not to mention having the strength to destroy Kirito’s party by stomping them.

Still, the black swordsman can just topple Thrym by cutting either his ankles or the nape if Kirito wants to be like Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin.

However, this episode ends with a cliffhanger so you have to wait for next week for see its conclusion. So much for concluding the Caliber arc on Ep. 16!

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