Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #16

Oh look, it’s Frederica. And while she’s alive, seems that Frederica lost Chaika Trabant…

…where she was captured alive and placed in a cell somewhere. Yeah, it’s sucks for her!

And by the way, Chaika Bohdan’s group got captured as well!

But don’t worry, there’s Tohru Acura as he’s busting her out of prison. Well, good job Tohru!

With that said, time to get out of this island! Unfortunately, Tohru and Chaika Trabant failed to escape and they’re back in the cell!

But not before handing out both Chaikas to Viktor Izhmash, as he revealed that not only they’re existed as tools for gathering Emperor Gaz’s remains (as previously told by Layla back in Ep. 11), but they’re not his daughters at all as the Taboo Emperor himself doesn’t have one.

That means, those Chaika clones are originally civilians who were captured and having their memories modified to carry out his mission. So much for “shocking truth!” on this episode.

While Izhmash’s reveal it truly shocking, I’m interested in other things like the existence of Fayla as well as this twin-tailed girl who somewhat reacted to any of the Chaika clones. Anyways, now that Chaika Trabant and Bohdan know the truth, it’s time to get themselves out of the island next week. Then again, it won’t be easy!

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