Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #05

Wow, they’re sure getting a bit downer lately… Probably because they don’t have enough money to cover up the park’s expenses.

So, what will they do?

Well, why not explore a cave somewhere in Amagi Brilliant Park and find some hidden treasure there. I mean, they could use that to cover maintenance and supplies instead of booze and sexy ladies!

Of course, it won’t be easy though as they have to fend off traps and other nuisances. Good thing Tiramie and Macaron didn’t lose their heads!

Heck, even Kanie-kun wasn’t shocked on seeing a mascot almost getting killed!

Meanwhile, the Elementario quartet are worried about Isuzu and company. But then they shrug it off, believing that they’ll be fine as they’re tough as nails. And they’re right about them as Izusu and the mascots can protect themselves. Don’t know about Seiya though as he only has a shovel and his mind-reading magic.

As for the treasure, it was found out that there’s none of it as someone used it to build an abandoned stadium. Really, who has the right mind to build a stadium inside Amagi Brilliant Park?

On the other hand, they met some new faces like Dornell. Well actually, he’s not a new face in Amagi Brilliant Park as he was missing ten years ago. And look, he’s actually a slacker who likes to play games and collect anime figures. Good thing Dornell’s collection was sold ’cause the park needs the money badly!

Oh yeah, and they also met this Ruby Dragon who is not actually intimidating from the inside, and an army of building moles. Of course, even though they eventually joined Amagi Brilliant Park, don’t expect a payroll right away!

With that said, financial crisis has averted… for now.

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