Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #17

This is Fumio Futase, and I have to correct from last week as Fumio is a female novelist, and a Selector to boot!

In any case, Fumio challenged Ruko in a Selector battle!

Of course, Ru-chan is so confused after last week’s episode, so Iona snaps her out of it! Nice job Iona, but you want Ruko to become a bloodthirsty card warrior.

And so she did as Iona brought Ruko back to her original BATTORU self, but she gains a new Level 5 form in which it’s just a sexier form of her outfit. Again, nice job Iona!

At this point, Fumio and her nameless LRIG got fucked up by Ruko and Iona. At least she’s not insane in the end. But on the other hand, the fact that Fumio was once a LRIG is a surprise!

Oh yeah, and as for the information regarding Mayu and the White Room. Nah, she didn’t tell them about it. However, Fumio mentioned that she’s suspecting Iona as the rumored Girl in Black. Really Fumio, you’re making things more complicated!

Regardless, looks like Ruko is back to her winning form! And by the way, seeing her battle together with a smile on her face, not to mention having Iona at her side, is ten times more unsettling!

Oh wait, Tama is better than Iona…

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