Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #05

Ah, the “No, this is not what it looks like!” scene… Tigre shows that he’s a gentleman and not a pervert. But then again, he’s still is as Ludmilla smacks him hard!

By the way, it appears that Lim is alright after that poison attack from last week’s episode. Good for her, even though it’s embarrassing!

Anyways, being a well-mannered individual, Tigre made an apology to this lovely, ice-wielding war maiden by offering her with street food. Really Tigre, you should offer something special. But who cares as it’s the thought that counts!

Moving onto the plot as the Duke of Thenardier has decided to flank Eleonora’s forces together with Ludmilla’s army. Once he destroyed them in a pincer move, Felix Aaron Thenardier invades Alsace and claim victory there.

So, in order to prevent it from happening, Tigrevurmud has suggested to conduct a reconnaissance mission. Unfortunately, nobody volunteered to do it so it’s up to Tigre on finding the Tatra citadel and plan for an surprise attack afterwards.

Not so surprisingly since he came up this idea, Tigre finally found the citadel. However, he’ll eventually involved in a battle between two war maidens: Eleonora and Ludmilla. That’s too bad ’cause it’s so cute seeing Tigre having a conversation with Ludmilla, while disguising as a hunter in a bear costume!

In any case, I can’t wait for the epic battle next week!

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