Sword Art Online II Episode #17

Today is the “definite” conclusion to the Caliber arc. And while I’m shocked on what happened in Log Horizon 2 Episode 5, I learned a valuable lesson as I shouldn’t underestimate like this arc and enjoy these final moments instead.

And also, and I shouldn’t get hyped on Mother’s Rosario as I might get disappointed about it! With that said, time for the finale…

So, with having little time to save Jötunheimr and the rest of the ALO world from eternal winter, there’s one way to beat Thyrm quickly… by finding Freya’s prized hammer Mjolnir.

It maybe a pain in the ass to find one, let alone carry it, at least it’s worth a shot!

So Kirito gave the Mjolnir hammer to Freya. And while I suspect her to dupe them and get out of the castle with the hammer, something amazing happened…

…as Freya transforms into Thor, the god of thunder! By the way, this is another Norse mythology gag where Thor was transformed into Freya by Loki.

Even though Loki was not involved on this arc, it sure put some people like Klein into disbelief. Klein, but you saved an old guy in lady’s clothing!

But anyways, Thyrm was defeated thanks to Thor’s help. They wouldn’t complete the quest without the god of thunder!

Still, even though the king of the giants is out, the quest isn’t over until Excalibur is extracted from its block of ice.

Yeah, it’s just Kirito and that legendary sword that determines the fate of Alfheim Online. Sure that Excalibur gives him bad memories, but it’s necessary to save Jötunheimr from becoming a frozen wasteland.

Regardless, he successfully pulled out the sword and the frozen world was thawed into a springtime paradise for Jötunheimr. It’s better than having snow every day!

As for Excalibur, Kirito intends to throw it away, but he decides to keep it anyway after Excalibur was recovered by Sinon.

Finally, Urd and her sisters Belldandy and Skuld awarded the party for completing the quest.

Although Klein is disappointed that Freya became Thor, at least he has a consolation prize such as receiving Skuld’s blessing, as well as the Mjolnir hammer.

But there’s one problem, he can’t use it… Therefore, it’s just a useless trophy item!

With that said, this Caliber arc is over! As they celebrate their victory offline, it’s time to move onto the next arc.

Oh, and as for Mother’s Rosario, I hope that it’s a good arc to watch. Oh wait, don’t get hyped on it!

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