Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #17

Continuing from last week’s episode, Frederica teamed up with Akari to rescue both Chaika Trabant and Tohru. Of course, it would be nice if they save some other people trapped in this island.

Like Selma and David. You know, Chaika Bohdan’s two bodyguards who are bored and wanted to kick some ass!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget these two demi-humans: Kiril and Ursula. They want to be free from Izhmash as he’s abusive towards demi-humans, not to mention using them as either magic fuel or tools for experimentation.

With that said, both Frederica and Akari set them free, causing a prison break across the island.

Speaking of prison break, both Chaikas have broke free from the operating table and they started their escape, but not before setting this twin-tailed girl free.

Sorry Chaika Bohdan, but Chaika Trabant doesn’t want to see Niva Lada bound in her capsule forever.

Unfortunately both Chaikas and Niva Lada are being surrounded by demi-human guards. Well, that’s sucks for them…

Not anymore though as Tohru saved them in the nick of time. With that said, time to escape Izhmash’s island.

Unfortunately, Izhmash won’t let them as he’s controlling the tower that commands all monsters and demi-humans across the island.

Unless the tower is destroyed, he’ll surround those prisoners and take them back to their cell either dead or alive. And by the way, the control tower can’t be scratched by any magic fired by its Gundo.

Luckily, somebody come up an idea to turn Niva Lada into a Gundo… a really big add-on to Chaika’s Sniper Gundo.

While it can fire a massive beam thanks to Niva, I realized that she’s one of Emperor Gaz’s hidden treasure. Not only that, the fact that it needs a Chaika clone to activate it was a surprise, even Mr. Izhmash.

Sadly, Viktor Izhmash realization is too little, too late. I guess he’s an idiot for planning to dissect those Chaika clones, only to reveal that they’re the key to activate Niva Lada’s hidden weapon.

With that said, he’s dead. No one can survive that. On the other hand, I’m disappointed that he didn’t give any insight regarding the relationship between the Emperor and the Fayla, not the artificial one.

Oh well, let’s escape the island and ask Stephan Hartgen about it! I mean, he holds the last remains of Emperor Arthur Gaz.

But then again, I think he’ll nabbed all of the remains in one fell swoop as he holds a tournament in which the last piece is up for grabs. After all, Hartgen is attracting both Chaika groups with Gaz’s remains intact!

And one last note before I end this post, that Guy is a goddamn troll!

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