Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode #05

Oh look, it’s Twoearle and she becomes a student at Yougetsu Academy…

Sorry Aika, but she’s not gonna confine in her secret base. But hey, at least you can still beat her up if she’s about to pop Souji’s cherry! *wink*

Meanwhile, Erina Shindou wants to become like Souji as she knows his secret. You know, being the guy behind Tail Red.

And while she was attacked two times on this episode (let alone the fact that Erina and her maid are attacked at the toy store), Erina wanted to become a hero just like her idol.

And so, she becomes Tail Yellow. While Aika was supposed to wear it since her chest is flat, I guess it suited better for Erina.

Sorry Aika/Tail Blue, but you’re being denied by having big breasts. But hey, some Ultimaguil monsters like small chest.

Speaking of Ultimaguil, a new leader has introduced. However, it’s not some monster who likes twintails and other fetishes, but rather a girl named Dark Grasper!

Even though she doesn’t show any signs of loving twintails, I wonder if she has a glasses fetish since she’s wearing one right now? Then again, Dark Grasper might be wearing fake glasses so I’ll be disappointed!

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