Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #06

On this episode, Amagi Brilliant Park is facing another crisis. This time, the park doesn’t have enough employees to cater the customers and so Isuzu, Seiya, and Moffle come up with a recruitment drive.

Sure that they got a dragon, a MIA mascot named Dornell, and an army of moles. However, it’s not enough as some of the attractions and other commodities are understaffed.

But then again, Kanie-kun wants some new hotties as he’s sick and tired of Izusu. Really Seiya, you’re ditching Isuzu for some generic girls, huh!?

By the way, those 3 girls sitting beside Seiya actually showed up in the interview, and they’re hired!

Oh yeah, this cause Sento-san to snap and bang her head ’cause her dream came true, not to mention eating curry that was spiked by Macaron.

Good thing Tiramie and Macaron got a comeuppance from Isuzu. Nobody messes with 50 Sento!

Anyways, only nine new recruits were hired at the end of this episode. I’m sure that the park will be all right with these weird rookies!

And BTW, one of the new meat named Eiko Adachi worked on the AV industry. Oh, and the AV part was meant to be “Animal Video”, not the Adult Video one. Nice trolling there, Gatoh-san!

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