Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #18

You know, Fumio’s dialogue would be like “My life is a lie, I don’t want to write novels anymore!” and “Friendship and oaths are meaningless to save me!”, yet she continues to write as the original Fumio wished for it.

Even so, Fumio’s breakdown causes Chiyori to lose hope, never returning to her optimistic demeanor where she aims to be the heroine from the WIXOSS novels. Poor girl…

Meanwhile, Aki-lovely has returned not just to torment Hitoe, but to carry out Ulith’s orders like using Hitoe as bait so that Ruko and Iona come out of their hiding place and play Ulith.

That’s a great idea to show Iona’s new powers against Tama, but I don’t think it’ll work as Ruko will lose focus once she saw Tama again. Other than seeing Akira being Ulith’s bitch, I bet that next week will be the ugliest battle ever!

And by the way, the Girl in Black/White thing is pretty ridiculous as there’s no clear evidence on who’s who in this debacle. Personally, the only thing I’m concerned right now is that Mayu is becoming more villainous starting with last week’s episode.

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  1. mochirochi says:

    For some reason, I have a feeling that Ulith is connected to Futase but I’m not quite sure how. Fumio and her LRIG don’t know what happened to her, so maybe she came back and is calling herself Ulith now. I dunno.

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