Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode #05

Nice back there, Kaori!

Well, it’s inevitable that she and Kousei got eliminated because of what happened in Ep. 4. The good news is that Kao-chan has fully recovered from her collapse.

Oh, and seriously guys… Try knocking the door first!

Meanwhile, Tsubaki met her former senior named Saito who is now a high-school student. While Tsubaki has a crush on him before, it seems that her love has faded away after Saito graduated.

Oh well, at least there’s Kousei around unless he decides to date Kaori…

Speaking of Kousei, seems that he’s being pushed towards recovery by Kaori. While he’s still being haunted by his past, it’s a good thing Kao-chan gives Arima-kun a push on returning not only to greatness, but the love of music.

Of course, it’s a long way to recovery for Kousei. I hope he doesn’t let Kao-chan’s efforts in vain!

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