Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #06

The battle between two war maidens has commenced. While I’m excited seeing Eleonora going all-out against Ludmilla…

…I’m sadly disappointed that it was cut short thanks to a spy intruding their fight.

Good thing Tigre shot him in the head, but oh well. With that said, Ludmilla broke off her alliance with the Duke of Thenadier and became neutral. Even though it was a small victory for Eleonora and Tigre, the war against Thenadier is not yet over.

In fact, the war intensifies as the King of Brune declared Tigrevurmud Vorn as a traitor to his fatherland. I’m sure Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier either bribe or poison the king so he could take Tigre’s head and Alsace as legit as possible.

Oh yeah, and he’ll face Roland, the Black Knight of Brune whose strength matches with the war maidens thanks to his sword Durendal.

Anyways, facing the Black Knight head-on is suicidal and Tigre got slashed because of it, right after saving Eleonora from being struck down with Roland’s Durendal. With that said, I hope he’s gonna be all right!

Oh, and before I end this post, here’s an introduction to Sofya Obertas as she accidentally bumped into Tigre while being in her birthday suit.

I don’t need to comment on this as Tigre does it every time despite being a gentleman!

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