Sword Art Online II Episode #18


Glad that Agil is back instead of being a voiceless background character! I sure miss him…

Meanwhile, looks like Asuna, Kirito, and their daughter Yui has bought their own house in the 22nd Floor of New Aincrad.

And look, it’s the same as the old one. Man, it brings me tears when Asuna reunited with her home together with Kirito and Yui-chan!

In any case, a new arc has begun and everyone is hyped on “Mother’s Rosario”, except for me as I might get disappointed as well as backfiring its hype. Ugh! Regardless, I hope things turn out well for this arc.

Oh, and as for the story, it seems that Agil has decided to challenge everyone and show how powerful he is. Just kidding, he may look like Agil but this character named Zekken is a different breed. Hell, Zekken even beat Kirito in a duel surprisingly enough.

So, it’s up to Asuna as she’s going to face Zekken next week! Then again, it’s not gonna be easy as Zekken will beat her with his 11-hit Sword Skill.

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