Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #18

Hey guys, it’s Lord Hartgen and he’s so bored that he hold a tournament to cure his boredom, as well as his Chaika daughters Arina and Irina!

Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, he’s waiting for both Chaikas plus Vivi to come to his castle as Stephan Hartgen has the last remains of Emperor Arthur Gaz.

With that said, all three girls and their respective allies have participated in this tournament.

Meanwhile, seems that Guy took Niva Lada away from Chaika Trabant. And while it’s a mystery on how Guy will use Niva without Chaika, I have to say that he’s getting on my nerves now!

With that said, the tournament continues next week. Let’s hope that Chaika Trabant’s group won’t have to kill the likes of Chaika Bohdan and Vivi.

And by the way, if Studio BONES finished the tournament arc on the next episode, I’ll be glad to as I want a grand finale on this series!

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