Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #07

Arrgh, I like the look on Cap’n Isuzu and her booty!

Today’s episode, it’s swimsuits galore at Amagi Brilliant Park’s Splash Ocean!

Oh yeah, and while the new recruits are adjusting to its weird and wacky environment, standing beside Shiina-chan is a new character introduced named Jaw!

While he’s not that Jaws, he’s responsible for maintaining the underwater gate. Sadly, the gate was destroyed and the facility is flooded!

Oh, and pirates appeared from the underwater gate. Sure that the guests think that it’s part of the show, but it’s no laughing matter as Ironbeard and his seal crew took Princess Latifah and the guests as hostages!

By the way, Tiramie becomes a pirate and he kicked both Macaron and Moffle down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Just kidding, they got tentacle’d instead!

Luckily, Seiya brought some backup and made a counter-attack against the pirates! Sure that he brought some reinforcements, but it wasn’t enough to scare them…

So, how about bringing Jaw(s) aboard. That’ll scare those seal pirates, begging for their mercy!

Not sure if there’s unfortunate implications for this, but that’s enough to force Ironbeard and his crew to surrender!

With that said, the hostage crisis is over! While Ironbeard and his crew will be deported back to Maple Land for their mess, Kanie decides to keep them as their swashbuckling stunt was impressive for the customers!

Anyways, that’s it for this episode.

And as for Tiramie, he got punished for being a turncoat. Well, Tiramie deserved it!

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