Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #19

Ulith has arrived, and you know what that means… she wants to do BATTORU with Ru-chan!

Oh, and she kick Akira to the gut, ’cause she’s an asshole! Well Aki-lovely, looks like you got dumped!

Well guys, the battle between Ulith/Tama and Ruko/Iona commences. I have to say that the battle is so intense, going all-out without showing any weaknesses!

Meanwhile, the plot of WIXOSS is starting to make sense of it all. First of all, Ulith was once a Selector herself before becoming a LRIG for Iona, which is then returned as a Selector again and the cycle repeats. I guess Ulith likes to bring misery to every girl she encountered, just for shits and giggles!

Oh yeah, and as for the Girl in Black/White, it’s starting to unravel. While Iona is confirmed as the Girl in Black, Tama was revealed as the Girl in White.

Once more, Mayu was revealed to be the mother of both Iona and Tama, meaning that she split herself into these two LRIGs of both black and white.

Speaking of Mayu, seems that she’s not amused as Iona revealed too much about her mother. Therefore, Mayu punished her for disrupting the battle. There’s no doubt that Mayu is the final boss on this series!

Anyways, next week is the conclusion of this battle. I have a feeling that Ruko might lose her fight against Ulith!

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