Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #07

Here’s Sofya Obertas showing that she’s no pushover just because this war maiden has the biggest rack on this series!

And like any other war maiden appeared so far, Sofya can go toe-to-toe against Roland and his Durendal! Unfortunately, they can’t go all-out as they might kill the black knight… a very gruesome one.

Meanwhile, Tigrevurmud is recovering from his injuries due to almost-fatally wounded by Roland.

For now, he has to sit out until he’s fully healed!

Back to the battlefield where Eleonora and Sofya team-up on bringing down Roland. And they’re not gonna hold back this time as these two war maidens go all-out against the black knight.

Sadly though, their divine powers weren’t enough to stop Roland.

So, it’s up to Tigre to stop him despite having a chest wound. Before thrusting into the battlefield, Tigre and his maid Titta made a detour at the Temple of Tir na Fa where he got the goddess’ power after freeing Titta by shooting at her.

While it’s a good thing that he rescued both war maidens, Tigre should be careful as one misstep could kill him!

Regardless, Tigre forced Roland to surrender with just his black bow and arrow, and he barely beat the black knight if it wasn’t for his injuries.

In any case, onward to Duke Thenadier and Ganelon’s downfall. Oh yeah, and as for the king of Brune, it was revealed that he was not poisoned, but the king reverted his mind to that of a toddler. Still, both dukes took advantage of the king’s predicament!

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