Sword Art Online II Episode #19

This is Kyouko Yuuki, and while she hated Nobuyuki Sugou for being an asshole, this fantasy-forbidding mother wanted her daughter Asuna to marry someone with financial stability and not Kazuto Kirigaya.

Really Mrs. Yuuki, you’re forcing Asuna to becoming a gold digger just like you? No wonder you resented Asuna’s grandparents for being poor! BTW, I’m surprised to see Megumi Hayashibara’s voice again…

Moving onto Alfheim Online where Kirito cheered Asuna as she tries to challenge Zekken to a duel…

…who was revealed to be a girl named Yuuki. Wow, no wonder Kirito lost to this player because he doesn’t like hurting girls!

In any case, Asuna battled Yuuki not only just to let off some steam from her argument, but to prove that she ain’t second-fiddle to Kirito!

As for the duel, I have to say that it was intense with Asuna almost winning against Yuuki by the skin of her teeth. Unfortunately, Asuna’s efforts aren’t enough to beat Yuuki and her 11-hit sword skill. But hey, at least Yuuki was impressed on Asuna that she invited the Berserk Healer to her guild!

Well Kirito, looks like someone took Asuna away from you. Good thing it’s not Sugou or might hate this arc! Anyways, can’t wait to see Yuuki’s guild next week!

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