Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #19

Infiltrating before the main tournament is a great idea for Tohru and Akari. Unfortunately…

…they were stopped in its tracks by their mentor, Shin Acura. Therefore, back to the barracks you two!

Meanwhile, King Hartgen commenced the main tournament, while telling his audience that he wanted to start a war. Sounds like it’s Ricardo Garvarni all over again. But unlike Ricardo, Stephan Hartgen is somewhat sane.

Oh yeah, and Stephan Hartgen has Niva in his possession thanks to Guy bringing her over to a warmonger!

Finally, there’s another Chaika introduced on this episode. No, this is not either Irina and Arina, but a different Chaika.

Honestly, too many Chaika clones is too much… I rather stick with either Chaika Trabant or Bohdan! On the other hand, I wonder if this black Chaika is the real one?

Anyways, the tournament continues next week… With a war brewing up across the continent, this story won’t end well!

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