Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode #20

Today’s episode is the conclusion of the fated battle between Ruko and Ulith and while last week’s episode reveal more about Mayu and the creation of both Tama and Iona, there’s more than just creating both LRIGs…

In fact, Mayu created both of them because not only she’s lonely, but she made both Tama and Iona for revenge against the outside world.

I have to say, being cooped-up in a room turned Mayu into a malevolent person with deep social issues!

Back to the duel, and let’s say that Ruko lost to Ulith because she force Tama to become a vicious Level 5 LRIG.

Honestly, Ulith corrupting Tama and breaking Ruko’s heart with a smile on her face makes me mad!

But that’s until Ulith was stabbed by Akira. Karma is a bitch, huh? Well, that’s what you get when you dump Aki-lucky.

Of course, Ulith can go to the hospital and heal but screw that! She deserve it for being a scumbag Selector!

As for Ruko, I don’t know whether she’ll recover or not for next week’s episode… Still, Tama becoming a murderous LRIG makes me sick that she’ll turn into a monster some day!

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