Madan no Ou to Vanadis Episode #08

This is Duke Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon on the right, and Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier on the left.

Yes, these two are the main antagonists of this series as they try to stop Tigre by any means like sending Roland and the Order of Navarre, all while conquering the western European continent.

Oh yeah, speaking of Roland, Duke Ganelon trapped and killed him… with bees! Why Duke Ganelon, why!?

Because of Duke Ganelon’s actions, Duke Thenardier and his conquered territories are open for invasions as he doesn’t have a powerful knight to defend either the western and the southern border, apart from himself.

Meanwhile, a new threat has emerged as the Mouzinellan Army plunder and enslave everyone who stand in their way.

With Eleonora out to help her fellow war maiden Alexandra Alshavin, it’s up to Tigrevurmud as he save his fellow Brunemen from the advancing forces of Mouzinel. One more thing, despite having 2,000 men against Mouzinel’s 20,000, Tigre can hold them out even without Eleonora around.

Anyways, the battle against Mouzinel isn’t over yet. So next week, Tigre will be joined by Ludmilla Lourie and finish the Mouzinellan Army once and for all!

One last thing before ending this post, Alexandra Alshavin was a greatest war maiden and she’s respected by her peers. Unfortunately, Sasha is bound to her bed due to a grave illness, which is why Eleonora can’t abandon her.

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