Le Fruit de la Grisaia Episode #08

“Hey girls! From now on, I’ll become a father to Makina Irisu!”

And nobody got surprised about it… except for Michiru!

With that said, it’s time for Makina’s story arc as Yuuji becomes her parent! The reason why Makina chose Yuuji as her daddy is because of her mother and grandmother bribe and extort politicians and other influential people to stay in power and hide their wrongdoings.

Moving onto this episode where Yuuji and Makina spend their bonding time as father and daughter.

Then again, seeing Makina headbutting her father…

…and kissing him isn’t the kind of bonding you’ll normally see.

I wonder if she’s attempting to kill Yuuji? Nah, Makina doesn’t have the guts to kill someone!

Meanwhile, this episode introduces Makina’s little sister Sarina, who became the heir of the Irisu family after Makina was kidnapped. While Makina Irisu was saved, she develop some mental problems which deemed unsuitable for her role in politics.

Oh yeah, as for Sarina, she’s not aware that she has a elder sister…

…before being caught in a car explosion. Damn, poor Sarina!

While we’ll never know who plotted the assassination, not to mention the fate of Sarina, one thing is clear that the Irisu family is being targeted and Makina doesn’t have anything to do about it… or is it.

Next episode is the conclusion of Makina’s story arc. I have to say that next week is going to be an emotional roller-coaster as Yuuji is conflicted on whether to kill Makina or not!

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  1. hell5atan says:

    So this anime has some loli action in them huh

  2. Zelloss says:

    Not forget: Makina 15 years old. 🙂

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