Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #08

Oh noes, looks like Seiya collapsed and he got a fever! Well, time for him to hit the bed and rest ’cause even jerkasses like him needs some recovery!

And don’t worry, Isuzu Sento is going to take care of him… in bed!

Oh, and don’t mind that zipper on her head. Izusu is gonna make sure that Kanie-kun’s recovery goes smoothly.

Psyche, it was actually Tiramie! Bravo for trolling Seiya ala Dio Brando, but you should do that pose based on him!

Then again, you and Macaron should have done that. Isuzu-chan doesn’t like someone impersonating her!

GG guys, you serve Amagi Brilliant Park well… Nah, it’s not like they’ll die or anything from Sento’s muskets!

Oh look, it’s Seiya and he’s fully-recovered! Just kidding, it’s actually Isuzu wearing a Kanie costume…

Then again, this episode almost ruined his reputation if it wasn’t for the real Seiya saving himself from being humiliated by those three mascots and their wacky and face-derailing actions!

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2 Responses to Amagi Brilliant Park Episode #08

  1. hell5atan says:

    This episode almost gave me a boner but Tirami killed it Damn You Tirami

  2. hell5atan says:

    Oh yeah almost forgot he could have gotten a cute girlfriend if those mascot just played it right

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